Author: Jack
POSTED ON 11 Nov 2018

Toyota “Taking a Hard Look” At US Lineup

With Ford eliminating every single sedan in its lineup in the US, Toyota is now starting to contemplate eliminating a few models from the US market as well. It currently hasn’t expressed which models in its lineup that would
meet the ax nor did it mention that it was going to follow in Ford’s footprints and eliminate its entire sedan line, but if we are to follow the paper trail, or lack of in this case, we can take a wild guess in which models it might
be. The Mazda-based Yaris iA mange to help boost sales last year, but those sales have now slumped and are down 38%. Unfortunately, the GT86 might be next.

It outperformed Nissan’s 370Z by a few hundred units, but was significantly outsold by Mazda’s Miata, which sold almost double the volume. The Miata. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that sales are
down 40% – and that’s a huge red flag.

The whole idea behind the GT86 was to give the enthusiasts like you and me a car that we could truly enjoy driving. With handling and balance the upmost priority, the GT86 was a weapon from factory when it came to
taking spirited drives down your favorite back road. That being said, the lack of a proper refresh and yes, the lack of power (you have to know your audience after all and Americans are obsessed by power) means that even enthusiasts would, and have lost interest.

At the end of the day, these OEM companies are a business and the prospect of appealing to a niche market that isn’t bringing in sales is not going to sit well with board members. I fear more and more enthusiasts will be forced to turn to older cars to get their driving fix. Newer cars will continue to focus on bringing in money, and newer performance cars will continue to come at a higher price to make up for the low volumes sold.

In the mean time, I’ll hold my breath and see what Toyota decides to do in the future for enthusiasts.