Author: Jack
POSTED ON 30 Nov 2018

Option Magazine’s “Speedwagon” Up for Sale

Leave it to Japan to create something so uniquely Japanese. While scrolling through my timeline, a post of a R33 GT-R wagon for sell appeared. The odd thing was this wasn’t a Nissan Stagea transformed into a GT-R wagon – something that is commonly done by owners now to make a R34 GT-R wagon. This one was the famous “Speedwagon” that was a project car for Daijiro Inada of Option Magazine.

The team started with a R33 GT-R, and proceeded to mold on the rear canopy from a Nissan EXA to create the worlds only R33 GT-R shooting brake. Weird right?

It gets better though for the car wasn’t only for show, but go as well. The shooting brake GT-R debut at the Nagoya Performance Car Show in 1996, and shortly afterwards attacked Tsukuba circuit posting up an impressive 1:04.452 – back in 1996!

If you know anything about Daijiro, you already know he is a man obsessed with speed (hints the “Speedwagon” name).  The shooting brake did the quarter mile (402m) in 11.89 secs and had a max speed of 304.8km/h.

All of this greatness can now be yours for 388万 ( roughly $33,500 USD)