Author: Jack
POSTED ON 31 Oct 2018

The World’s Fastest Street Legal Electric Car -The Genovation GXE

One of the biggest issues with electric vehicle – besides the fact that they lack the emotion to scream like a banshee when you bury the accelerator, is the lack of shifting.

As a motoring enthusiast, feeling in control of the gears, nailing an almost perfect heel-toe downshift as you carve the back roads is true feeling of ecstasy and pure bliss that electric cars really can’t deliver.

That was until a company called Genovation decided to transform a C7 Corvette into a fully electric supercar that allows the driver to roll through the gears. It’s called the GXE.

The GXE keeps the manual transmission to allow for both brutally fast acceleration, and 200mph + top end speed. If the car only has one gear, such as in the Model S, the car is limited by the gearing of the motor. Since top end speed really isn’t a priority for everyday use, companies opt for a gear that is more suitable for practical use – ie acceleration.

The dual electric motors produces 800 horsepower, 700 lbs-torque, and has top seed of 220 mph thanks to the Corvette’s 7 speed manual transmission. If you would like to drive your manual GXE like a “normal” electric vehicle, you can leave it in 3rd gear and the torque available will be more than adequate for city and highway driving.

Only 75 GXE will be made and will set you back $700,000 USD.