Author: Jack
POSTED ON 30 Nov 2018

Will GM Release Two Mid-Engine Sports Cars?

Image from Jalopnik

With all the recent news of GM slashing jobs, closing factories, and Trump-like threats for doing so, the timing of this new development (more like rumor) couldn’t be better – or worse?

We all knew that a mid-engine Corvette was coming. You have seen the spy shots and read the articles, however nobody said anything about the C8 Corvette being GM’s only mid-engine sports car. According to Jalopnik, they received an anonymous tip of two photos that looked like a key fob for a future mid-engine sports car from GM. The strange thing was it had a Cadillac badge on the back.

Image from Road & Track

Now Road & Track has uploaded a new image of a key fob mirroring the key fob Jalopnik released a while back, but with a Chevy badge on it.

Of course creating two mid-engine sports cars after announcing a massive lay off and the closing of factories to build vehicles more in line with US demand does seem a bit daft, but then again, this is just speculation after all.