Author: Jack
POSTED ON 31 Dec 2018

Are Tesla Owners Getting Ready to Jump Ship to the Porsche Taycans?

Coming in at around $90,000 USD for the basic model and a little north of $130,000 USD for the turbo model, Porsche’s electric 4 door sports car, the Taycan, is becoming one of the most highly anticipated cars of 2019/2020.  Sidenote – the “turbo” version in this case has nothing to do with the car actually being turbocharged but harking back to when Porsche designating the “turbo” for its fastest, and most expensive models. Being used in this case seems a bit silly and more of a marketing scheme but perhaps potential buyers will be lured in by the “turbo” name.

On the subject of potential buyers, Porsche North America president and CEO Klaus Zellmer announced that if all the potential buyers who placed a deposit to pre-order a Taycan were to follow through with their purchase, the Taycan would sell out its first year of production.

Even more interesting, Zellmer said that most of the potential customers are coming from Tesla. He wasn’t clear on how many Tesla owners were curious in the Taycan nor how many deposits have been made in general, but seeing that the Tesla Model S and Model X are within striking range in regards to pricing, this claim doesn’t seem too far-fetched.