Author: Jack
POSTED ON 04 Jan 2019

A MK IV Supra Sold For 6 Figures…

The hammer at the Bring a Trailer auction dropped on a very clean, low mileage, A80 Mk IV Supra for an astonishing $121,000 USD. Good lord

One can understand that with all the hype of the new A90 MK V Supra about to finally debut (with out camouflage and hopefully the full specs list) , prices on its legendary older sibling could rise a bit.

One could understand that finding an unmolested Supra with only 7,000 miles that spent most of its life stored in a climate controlled facility as a part of the sellers private collection could cause the price to rise a bit.

But to break six figures??  To put that in perspective, when this car was brand new over 20 years ago, it would have costed you a little over $43,000 USD to acquire. That’s almost an appreciation of three times.

Will this fascination / lust for the older “legendary JDM” cars continue to cause a rise in prices? If so – you might want to get your hands on one now before things truly get out of control.