Author: Jack
POSTED ON 07 Jan 2019

26 Year Old Lap Record Broken At Daytona *Unofficially*

Back in 1993, a Group C Toyota AAR’s Eagle Mk III blitzed around Daytona International Speedway in an astonishing 1:33.875s thanks to its 2.1L turbocharged four- cylinder engine producing somewhere in excess of 750bhp, and its highly advanced aerodynamic profile.

That record would last for 26 years until Mazda’s RT24-P team set a lap time of 1:33.398s – almost half a second faster than the old Eagle Mk III. Since this was done during a test session and not a run to homologation, the record will be considered unofficial for the time being. The advancements of tire technology and aero meant that driver Oliver Jarvis was able to make such a heroic effort-even if the Mazda prototype heaver and down on power compared to the Mk III.

Stay tuned to the see if the RT24-P can set an official record during qualis on January 24th.