Author: Jack
POSTED ON 09 Jan 2019

Four Kids Cause $800,000 USD Worth Of Damage

For whatever illogical reason, four kids in Houston, Texas, snuck into a CarMax dealership, broke in and stole the keys to a few of the cars, and instead of driving off into the Sunday night, decided to crash them into a few of the parked cars in the lot. Actually a lot of them. 20 to be exact.

Challengers, Mustangs, Z06 Vett, and a Porsche Boxer -just to name a few- all ended up with varying degree of damage causing an estimated $800,000 USD.

As the police arrived on scene, the four youth took off on foot only to be apprehended later that night. Being minors meant that they ended up in Harris County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of mischief in the first degree.

Yep. We are just as confused as you are..