Author: Jack
POSTED ON 11 Apr 2019

Can’t Afford A Chiron? Buy A Chiron Sofa Instead

For a high end / luxury car manufacture such as Bugatti, using the skills and knowledge acquired from building luxurious interiors and then applying them to design and build luxurious home furniture is pretty brilliant. Think about it – the interiors of the Bugatti Chiron uses the most exotic of material, and the finest of hides to ensure their owners are cocooned in luxury.

The Bugatti Home Collection is a very modern, and sleek set of sofas, chairs, coffee table, a chaise lounge like recliner, and even a bed. Since we can’t tell how the furniture would feel by simply looking at pictures, the collection does tend to resemble other modern styled furniture with the addition of “Bugatti” branded pillows added.

Since we are on the subject of branded pillows, Bugatti could have made the “B’s” a bit less pronounced and flashy on some of its furniture. The flashiness goes against the whole stealth wealth approach which is a nice element in modern furniture. Now if you want to show off to your neighbor and friends that you have a Bugatti Chiron Sofa, then it’s perfect.

Bugatti hasn’t announced pricing yet on the collection but you can be sure that the people buying the Chiron sofa won’t mind spending more than the average consumer.