Author: Jack
POSTED ON 14 Apr 2019

The C8 Is Around the Corner and GM Confirms It

We have been talking about the new C8 Chevrolet Corvette for months now. We also have been seeing sighting after sighting of the C8 that for the longest time, GM refused to say even existed – irregardless of definite photo and video evidence.

Perhaps GM has worked out all the bugs on this phantom because they now have announced that the C8 Corvette is in fact a real car, and its official reveal date will be July 18th, 2019. They didn’t reveal much else besides that though as they want to save all the details for the big reveal. GM also didn’t mention if the C8 was going to be mid-engined or not, which is a bit odd seeing that design characteristics of the C8 obviously shows that it will be mid-engined. Perhaps they are pulling a play from Toyota?

Regardless, the bigger question will be what powertrain will the C8 have? A naturally aspirated V8, or something a bit more modern, and ‘eco friendly’ such as a turbocharged V6. Guess we will have to wait till July to find out.