Author: Jack
POSTED ON 15 Apr 2019

Ford’s Solution To The Rise In Keyless Entry Theft

A while back we talked about how the keyless entry and start feature on today’s newest vehicles had lead to an increase in theft. The device, which you can purchase online, allows users to intercept signals between the key fob and car and tricks the car in thinking the key fob is next to the car rather than inside a house.

Newer cars are being equipped with devices and tech to stop this from happening, but Ford has come up with new type of key fob to stop thieves. The key fob has motion sensors that detect if the fob has moved in the last 40 seconds. If the key fob hasn’t moved, it will activate a sleep mode which stops the signal from being sent out. Simple yet very effective.

As a bonus, Ford Fiesta and Focus owners don’t even have to own the latest version of the car to use this tech. Owners can purchase the new key fobs from their local dealership ($85 USD for the Fiesta, and $94 USD for the Focus). It may seem a bit steep for a key fob, but it sure does beat having your car stolen.