Author: Jack
POSTED ON 17 Apr 2019

The New Shock To The System – The Lexus LM

In a time where everyone and their mom is making SUVs to try and keep up with the craze, Lexus has decided to go a completely different route – and boy what a route it was.

Making a MVP in this day and age isn’t as controversial as it may sound. Over in Asia / South East Asia, the MVP can be the ultimate way of showing off wealth – especially when those MVP are examples like a Toyota Alphard. In the four seat configuration, the rear seats are massive captain chairs that cocoon the owners in luxury ( because you would of course have a chauffeur).

Thus debuting the Lexus LM at the Shanghai Motor Show makes perfect sense. It even makes more sense that Toyota decided to offer the MVP as a Lexus, the more luxurious focused brand, and not as a Toyota Alphard for which the LM is based on. For this particular market segment, it’s all about style, luxury, and interior space.

Though styling is purely subjective, the LM would look a million time better without the Spindle Grill (aka Predator Grill) that Lexus has been using on its lineup.

Where the LM nails it though is when it comes to the interior space and surrounding the owners in the up most of luxury in the back seats (again, you would obviously have a chauffeur). A giant 26- inch TV sits between the driver and rear passengers along with two extremely nice looking captain chairs. Both chairs can heat, cool, massage, and recline. There is also a mini fridge that of course can hold your favorite bottle of champagne. All of this can be controlled by touchscreens positioned in the back.

If the way the Toyota Alphards sell in the Asian market is any indication to go off of, the Lexus LM might be genius ploy by Toyota / Lexus – grill and all