Author: Jack
POSTED ON 20 Apr 2019

The Concept Car That Is A Refreshing Break From SUV and Crossovers

In this day and age when every manufacturer is rushing to build the next SUVs and crossovers to appeal to the masses that have gone insane over them, Genesis has come up with a luxury kei car like concept to tackle the urban jungle.

The Mint as they call it, is an all electric concept car that will have a range of around 200 miles – perfect for taking you and a fellow passenger shopping in the city.

Though Genesis hasn’t released any dimensional specifications on the Mint, the space behind the occupants is purely dedicated for storage. The interior will be made up of lightweight, eco friendly leather and will have a host of screens ( because who doesn’t want seven screens in your car). The 350kW fast charger port is also placed directly in the middle of the rear panel to make it easier for user to simply reverse park and charge.

Will the Mint still look like the concept by the time it hits production (if Genesis decided to go forth with the plan), probably not, but it definitely would be a nice change from all the SUVs..