Author: Jack
POSTED ON 01 May 2019

Only In Nascar Would A Backwards Pit Stop Be Legal

image from Nascar

When you watch the video, its pretty hard to comprehend what exactly happened, but during the final 30 laps of Talladega, most of the Fords and Toyotas were coming in  for a late-race stop. While coming in, it seems as if the number 2 Team Penske Ford Mustang, driven by Brad Keselowski, rear tires bounces off the tarmac. The car gets unsettled by the bump and starts to spin into a 180.

Miraculously, Keselowski kept his cool and slid it perfectly into his pit box. The crew was a caught off guard a bit by the pirouette, but quickly regained their composure and performed the pit stop backwards.  Once the crew was finished, Keselowski quickly flipped it around and was on his way. Keselowski would go on to finish 13th.

The fact that he whole maneuver was legal is what makes Nascar a little bit more special.