Author: Jack
POSTED ON 02 May 2019

Looks like the Mazda RX7 Is Next in Line For Attracting Lucrative Bids

First we saw the prices of GT-Rs rise astronomically as the 25 year rule in America comes closer to an end for BNR34. We then started to catch news of A80 Mk IV Supras in pristine condition going for over six figures at auction. One of those Supras didn’t even originate from Japan, but the States.

Now it looks like collectors are starting to point their wallets at the next JDM icon – the Mazda RX7. This 1994 FD3S only had 7,400 original kilometers on the clock and sold at an US auction site for $70,000 USD. It may not topple the Supra in terms of pricing, but 70,000 is still a lot of money for a FD.

This one happened to be the touring package meaning it came equipped with optional fog lights, rear windscreen wiper, and sunroof.

Somewhat understandably, finding an unmodified FD is incredibly rare and does bring up the value substantially, but $70,000? If you had $70,000 to spend on a car, would you buy this RX7?