Author: Jack
POSTED ON 06 May 2019

Thieves Steal Over 100K In Wheels From Dealership

Think about that for a second- over $100,000 USD worth of wheel from a dealership. Think about how many cars they would have to strip and how long that would take to pull it all off.

Apparently a group of thieves worthy of being apart of Ocean’s Eleven did exactly that as they coordinate a heist on a local Chevrolet dealership in Slidell, Louisiana. Surveillance cameras captured individuals crossing the lot a little before 3:00 AM. A U-Haul truck follows suit a little after the individuals cut the locks to let the truck in. 40 minutes later, the same truck is seen leaving the lot – with 31 vehicles worth of wheels stowed away inside.

The entire time, not one security device ( camera or alarms) went off to capture the thieves in action. The thieves even blacked out lights in areas so they wouldn’t be seen. That a tremendous amount of effort to steal 124 wheels.

The dealerships owner, Matt Bowers, is offering a $25,000 USD reward for anyone that can provide information that leads to an arrest ( half upon arrest, the other half after conviction).