Author: Jack
POSTED ON 06 May 2019

California Is Not Playing Any More Games When It Comes To Street Racing

Street racing has been apart of American culture ever since the heydays of hot rodding and muscle cars. However, with the advancements in social networking, and a generation that tends to push boundaries simply to gain followers, likes, and subscriptions, it seems as if street racing has become a new way for people to become internet famous.

California has always been a state that tends to be pretty strict when it comes to cars, but the city of San Jose has stop playing games and has recently approved new legislation to try and stop street racing from happening in its city.

The new rules will now punish spectators with a $1,000 USD fine and six months behind bars. The new law also allows authorities more power to peruse the spectators as well. Yikes. Police can now arrest anyone standing within 200 feet of an ongoing street race (including burnouts and drifting). Misdemeanor charges can also be handed out to anyone who is hanging around during the street race “preparations”. If that sounds ambiguous don’t worry – it is.

San Jose will test the new laws for six months and meet again to discuss the effectiveness and whether any change should be made. It goes without saying but please – keep it on the tracks!