Author: Jack
POSTED ON 07 May 2019

The Mk V Supra Could Have Easily Cost 6 Figures

If Toyota had developed a new generation 2JZ straight six engine according to the Supra’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada. In an exclusive interview with Jalopnic, Tetsuya went on to state that a partnership with BMW (and in similar fashion with Subaru) was built around the necessity of the Supra still being somewhat attainable for those who work hard for it, have a good inline six engine (which BMW produces), and have a fantastic engine note. The engine note was especially important as restrictions and the push for EV has made it difficult for manufacturers to make good sounding cars.

Toyota, in theory, could have made its own inline six, but to retool an entire factory just to produce an engine for a niche car doesn’t entirely make sense. Especially when you start to consider the packaging drawbacks that come with an inline six (less leg room for the occupants). The push for EV also means Toyota already has funds earmarked for the future of electrification. Using these funds to build a petroleum powered engine kind of goes against that. If Toyota was still inclined to build it’s on engine, it would have costed well over 100,000 USD.

So what does Toyota do? It partners up – not to cut cost, something Tetsuya is adamant about although it was a byproduct of the partnership, but simply because “the Supra had to have an inline six. BMW had a good inline six”.