Author: Jack
POSTED ON 13 May 2019

New Study Reveals How Dominant SUV Have Become

We all know that the average consumers has been flocking to SUVs for quite sometime now. Everywhere you look, it seems like for every sedan, compact, or sports car you see, you will see four times as many SUVs. The demand is so high that manufactures that we never thought would ever make an SUV, is making an SUV. Even more surprising is how many manufactures are cutting out sedans, and small cars from their line up due to extreme demand in SUVs.

A new industry analysis from Jato revealed some astonishing figures that back up why we see so many SUVs on the road today.

In March of this year, SUVs made up 36.8 percent of the European market, followed behind subcompact (cross overs) which had 20.4 percent. Based off of those numbers, you can paint a correlation to how high those numbers might be in the American or Chinese market place.

Again, none of this is really that shocking – we see it everyday. What would be a truly interesting analysis thought, would be why the SUV boom is happening in the first place.

Is it the fact that more and more people are buying cars for style / appliances, and being in a large vehicle in which EVERYONE can see you is a form of status and wealth? People want to be comfortable and have gadgets and features to play with and SUVs have the real estate for designers to go a bit nuts with it.

Or is it the illusion that you are safer than the car that is lower to the ground? True, size does help in terms if you were to hit a small car, but what about the other drawbacks of being in something with a high CG?

Or is it the ease in getting in and out of SUVs that make them so appealing as well? If you take America for example, obesity impacts hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. The extra weight limits mobility and the idea of getting into compact cars, or even sedans, isn’t really all that pleasant.

Whatever the reason is, it seems like SUVs are here to stay.