Author: Jack
POSTED ON 14 May 2019

This LM Inspired F40 Is Up For Grabs

Have a little under $1.7 million USD burning a hole in your pocket, and ready to be spent on something extravagant? Then Ferrari of Newport Beach in California has the solution for you.

This 1992 Ferrari F40 that has been converted to LM spec is up for grabs, and has 0km on the clock since the upgrade. Seriously – zero! Who spends $650,000 USD to turn their F40 into a fire breathing, track devouring monster, and doesn’t drive it at least once!

The F40 was sent to a Ferrari specialist at Mototechnique in the UK and proceeded to receive a ground up restoration. The interior, engine bay, chassis and gearbox we’re all updated, and the reworked twin turbocharged V8 would have been an absolute treat to drive.

Although this isn’t one of the original 19 LM F40 Ferrari created, if you have the money and looking for an opportunity to own the next closest thing to an original LM, now’s your chance!