Author: Jack
POSTED ON 17 May 2019

Here It Is – The McLaren GT

No more artsy teaser shots required for the McLaren GT is here and looks rather good – even for a McLaren which usually goes with the  more computer aid functionality over form approach.

The GT was designed with the soul purposes of carrying its occupants over great distances without feeling fatigued when reach their destination. To ensure this would happen, the GT is fitted with a Proactive Damping Control Software that scans the road ahead, and makes adjustment it deems necessary to cope with the conditions – all within 2 milliseconds.

The GT also comes with aluminum double wishbone suspension front and rear, and a hydraulic lift which will raise the front up 3 cms – just enough to help you get over that speed bump and give you a little peace of mind that you aren’t about to crash your very expensive front into a immovable object.

If you find yourself traveling great distances in your grand tourer, then you will need to have space for all of your luggage. The GT has a total of 570l of trunk space – 420l underneath the glass door and another 150l in the fronk. According to McLaren, that will be plenty to put an entire golf bag or two pairs of skis and boots (I’m not sure how many GT owners would take their cars skiing but hey, you never know).

To help you cover greats amount of space in an alarming short amount of time, the GT comes equipped with a detuned version of the 4.0L twin turbocharged V8 normally found in the 720S. Although detund, you still have around 612 bhp and 465 foot-pounds of torque at your disposal.

So what does all of this cost you? £163,000 (208,000 USD price). Once again, ball is in your court Ferrari.