Author: Jack
POSTED ON 19 May 2019

The  $250,000 USD Coffee Table Book From Bentley

In terms of interior decorating, putting some of your favorite magazines or books on a coffee table can really add a bit of flavor to the room while showing off a little bit more about your personality and interests.

Along with the many special addition vehicles and special badging that all cars built in 2019 get in celebration of Bentley’s 100th birthday, the company created a series of coffee table books.  The basic trim level, called the Centenary Edition, will be limited to 500 copies and will cost $3,800 USD at current exchange rates. The Mulliner edition is next in the trim levels and comes with a variety of extra perks such as a VIP tour of the factory and a one night stay at London’s five-star hotel Hotel Cafe Royal. It will be limited to only 100 and will nearly cost $16,000 USD each. The final, and most luxury trim is called the Centenary Opus and will set you back over $250,000 USD.

The books are made in conjunction with a luxury book publisher called Opus, which prints and hand-bounds each book by hand. The covers are made from Bentley’s leather, and the winged badge found on the cars can also be found on each book.  The books also are over three feet wide when opened, has more than 800 pictures (if you so wish, your own car can be inserted into the book as well), and weighs 66 pounds – making it the heaviest car book ever produced says Bentley.

Oh -the Centenary Opus is also covered in 100 carat diamonds and will be limited to seven – one for each continent. Inside, nine chapters tell the story of Bentley as a brand through writing, sketches, and photographs. According to Bentley, the book covers the brand’s core values such as “performance, design, rarity and craftsmanship, and extraordinary customers”.

I wonder what having the Centenary Opus on ones coffee table says about the owner.