Author: Jack
POSTED ON 19 May 2019

A Closer Look Of The Rivian R1T Electric Truck At Overland Expo

At this weeks Overland Expo West in northern Arizona, Rivian brought a modified version of their R1T electric pickup truck showing off how you could – in theory currently – go on a weekend get-a-way completely off the grid in electric bless.

The video does an excellent job of showing up close and person details of the R1T in an overlanding spec such as the bed-mounted tent, electric coolers that fit in the frunk space, and extra rack above the cab. The show stopper without a shadow of a doubt was the mobile kitchen that slides out of the truck’s extra storage space located beneath the bed. It includes several drawers that can fit pots and pans, an electric cooktop, and extra prep space.

Again – in theory- a weekend trip off the grid would consume around 11 percent of battery life meaning the companies claimed 400 miles of EV range should be more than enough to take you out and get you back home without too much concern. I would bring a backup generator for just in case.

With the R1T’s production version expected to come out late next year, we will have to wait and see if those theories will become a reality.