Author: Jack
POSTED ON 21 May 2019

Who’s Really At Fault For The Recent Deaths Involving Tesla’s Autopilot Feature

It’s only human nature that when something goes wrong that we need to pin the blame on something or someone. With another fatal car accident occurring while Tesla’s Autopilot Feature was activated, aching family members, friends, and critics are quick to point the blame at Tesla.

The Autopilot feature is supposed to be able to avoid obstacles – no matter if it that obstacle is moving or not. And yet, here we are again with another sad story of a life taken away due to the feature.

Tesla is quick to point out that the Autopilot feature is only supposed to aid their drivers as it is only level 2 autonomous, and that the drivers should always be alert and paying attention to the road as they should if they were driving any other vehicle.

The latest accident occurred while the driver had his hands of the wheel for more than eight seconds. In a normal situation, eight seconds would have been more than enough time for a non distracted driver to noticed the tractor trailer, and hopefully make the appropriate decisions not to collide into it. However, the driver decided that taking his hands of the wheel for eight seconds to do something else while driving was more important.

It’s unfair to Tesla to say they should completely remove the feature because individuals choose to abuse the system and put their own life, and the life of others around at risk. At the same time, the way that Tesla advertise and push the “AutoPilot” feature on their cars could be very misleading as customers truly think the car can pilot itself through any obstacle regardless of the fine print that Tesla says it’s only level two autonomous and you should always pay attention and be ready to take control of the wheel. The two are somewhat counter intuitive if we are honest.

Sadly, if nothing changes in the near future, I’m sure that more headline news of Tesla accidents occurring involving the AutoPilot will continue to occur. Please be safe out there!