Author: Jack
POSTED ON 03 Jun 2019

Welcome To The Worlds Most Expensive SUV – The Karlmann King

Well – it definitely is massive that’s for sure. Based off of a Ford F-550 for its durability and ability to haul around extra weight – weight in which there is probably literally tons of, the Karlmann King is an Italian armored SUV that looks more like a decepticon in real life, and will set you back at least $1.9 million USD.

Why does the base price start off at 1.9 million you ask? Inside,the Karlmann King is basically a massive rolling lounge equipped with massive recliners, massive TV,  champagne flutes (because why not), and can be customized to the nth degree – again, for a massive price. There is a theme going on here if you haven’t noticed.

The King also can be fitted with various levels of bullet-resistant options for buyers living in dangerous pars of the world, or for those who take personal security very serious. Options start off at $300,000 USD. Since the King keeps the 6.8-liter V10, and most of the F-550’s suspension and drivetrain, the top speed is limited to 87 mph.

If you fancy yourself inside of one, the deliver time takes anywhere from 9 to 15 months.