Author: Jack
POSTED ON 04 Jun 2019

Another Tesla Mysteriously Goes Up In Flames

A little over two months ago in a bit parking deck in Shanghai, China, a Tesla Model S mysteriously erupted into flames. The combustion was so violent that the Audi parked next to it also was burnt to a crisp. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident.

Now another Tesla Model S has mysteriously combusted again – albeit under different circumstances. The owner reports parking his car at a supercharging station in Antwerp, Belgium and returning back shortly afterwards to discover that both his car and the supercharger were in flames.

Due to the fact this was more likely an electrical fire versus the typical fire you would expect from a petroleum powered vehicle, the firefighters simply lifted the car up, and dunked it into a container filled with water. It’s not clear if the fire was still raging on before the immersion or if the firefighters had contained most of the fire before hand, but judging by the extensive damage on the Tesla, one could assume that it wasn’t a small fire.

If more stories like this continue to pop up, Tesla may be in some serious trouble.