Author: Jack
POSTED ON 06 Jun 2019

Surprise Surprise – The I.D. R Destroyed The Nurburgring EV Record

Truthfully, no one should be all that shocked that the Volkswagen I.D. R , the EV that smashed the Pikes Peak record, has beaten the Nio EP9 for Nurburgring EV dominance. The real question was always going to be how much – now we know.

The I.D. R did the 12.9 mile lap in 6:05.336 – making it not only faster than the Nio EP9 by a ridiculous 40 seconds, but also the second fastest record time outright at the ring. Unlike Pike’s Peak, the I.D R was set up to try and maximize the higher speeds of the Nurburgring. The rear wing was changed to reduce downforce by 20 percent, F1 style DRS, new floors, front splitter, and battery management system.

Though the team is more than thrilled about their latest achievements, it seems as if the record hunting will continue. Wonder what the next record they have in their sights is…