Author: Jack
POSTED ON 11 Jun 2019

Are Noise Cameras Really That Necessary?

It seems that over in the UK the government is always trying new ways to water down the driving experience and create ways to fine drivers. Yes – if you are being rather stupid while operating a motor vehicle (say doing excessive speeds in a school zone ), then you deserve to be fined.

But what about if your car or motorcycle is a bit on the loud side? Again, not obscenely loud such as a Bosozoku riding down your neighborhood at 3 am bouncing off of the rev limiter, but clearly louder than stock. Though the details haven’t been released yet, the Department For Transport is planning on testing acoustic cameras in several locations to see if said passing vehicle is breaching legal noise limits for roads.

A microphone would measure the noise, and if deemed to high would trigger a camera to take a picture of the number plate. This isn’t exactly a brand new idea as similar technology is already in place in the US and in Canada (though the authorities weren’t able to issue fines yet).

The idea of trying to stop those with absurdly loud cars / bikes from rolling through residential areas sounds like a good idea if those levels aren’t set too low, and is used mainly in residential areas.  Those with somewhat louder vehicles (myself included) can still easily shift up to muffle the sound, or equip an active exhaust system to enjoy the abilities of being both social and anti social at a press of a button.  If the rule only effects those who are ridiculously loud – then why not?