Author: Jack
POSTED ON 14 Jun 2019

One Of The Four Official Bond DB5 Is Up For Grabs

Technically there is only three that is known of. Two were used in the making of Goldfinger, and the other one was stolen from a hanger in Flordia back in the 90’s. So the fact that this is one of three original Bond DB5 means you can be sure it will fetch a pretty penny at RM in Monterey this August.

This one, code name DB5/2008/R, was actually never used in a Bond film, but was equipped with 13 gadgets from new.  EON Productions used it to promote Thunderball in the States, and then sold it back in1969. It has exchanged owners and was sold at RM in 2006 fetching over $2million USD.

It underwent extensive restoration (including the gadgets) in 2008 and is now expecting to fetch somewhere between 4 and $6 million USD. Oh yes – the gadget props are all in working order.