Author: Jack
POSTED ON 15 Jun 2019

Aston Martin To Bring The Valkyrie To Le Mans In 2021

Although it really wasn’t a surprise at all, Aston Martin finally confirmed that the Valkyrie will in fact be competing in the FIA WEC  starting from the 2020 / 20201 season. It will be competing in the new hypercar class, which replaces the existing LMP1 category – sorry about that Toyota.

The new class will allow road-going-based race versions to compete in the race, and 15 different manufactures have already attended briefings about regulations and qualifications. Minimum weight will be set to 1100kg, and engines can provide around 750bhp. A hybrid drive train wont be required but if manufactures do wish to use them, will be limited to 270bhp.

If we were ever going to truly hear what that V12 screaming at 11,100 rpm sounded like, this will differently be it.