Author: Jack
POSTED ON 17 Jun 2019

The GR Super Sport Hypercar Teased At Fuji Speedway

With the new changes going on with the FIA and its newly established hypercar class for the 2020/ 2021 World Endurance Championship season, Toyota has been hard at work creating something that will compete in this new class.

That something is in fact the GR Super Sport. Toyota debut their concept version of the Super Sport at Le Mans last year, and if the prototype shown in the footage released by Gazoo Racing is relatively same as the concept, then the Super Sport will have a little under 1,000 horsepower – 986 to be exact delivered from a mid-mounted 2.4L twin-turbo charged V6. Of course the race version will have less power due to the rules of the hypercar class which sees the maximum output of 750hp.

Unfortunately, the 58 second video doesn’t have one second of car audio as it blasts (or roams?) around Fuji Speedway, but it does give us a chance to look at some of the details of the exterior and interior, and in moving action.