Author: Jack
POSTED ON 28 Jun 2019

Could The Mitsubishi Evolution Be Next To Return?

As the saying goes – “I wouldn’t hold my breath”, but it seems that rumors are starting to pop up again about the return of Mitsubishi’s iconic performance car, the Lancer Evolution.

The successor of the Evo X would more than likely share key elements and drivetrain with the next generation Renault Megane RS and be built on the CMF -C/D F4 platform developed within the Renault -Nissan- Mitsubishi Alliance. The “Evo XI” could come with the RS’s turbocharged 2.0- liter, four-cylinder engine, and have Mitsubishi’s S-AWC four-wheel drive system.

Osamu Masuko, the current chairman of Mitsubishi, has wanted to restore Mitsubishi to its former glory days of performance sports cars with the Lancer at the helm, but with massive financial losses and subsequent purchase by Nissan in 2016, those plans were put on hold.