Author: Jack
POSTED ON 29 Jun 2019

Chevy Drops A C8 Teaser Video Without The C8

Now and days, releasing teaser videos is the best way to keep fans, enthusiasts, and those who may be interested but less likely to follow the industry closely, up to date before the car is launched. The teasers may not give us too much information about the car, but we can usually expect to see very dramatic shots of different elements of the car, albeit a headlamp, profile shot, or interior. Sometimes we may even get a quick action shot or two – just something to keep people on their toes and ready for the big reveal.

However the latest Chevy teaser about the hugely anticipated mid-engined C8 Corvette didn’t do – well, any of the above mentioned things. Instead, the teaser focused on the key philosophy behind all the Corvettes – fun. The teaser discusses how the engineers and developers of the Corvette, ever since 1953, have all had fun building the cars.

“While it’s never going to take the place of the family car, but I, for one, am going to have a lot of fun,” declares the voiceover.

With the official debut of the C8 around the corner, it looks like GM is going to follow the example lead by Toyota and expose nothing until the big day.