Author: Jack
POSTED ON 05 Jul 2019

Father And Son Building An Aventador Using 3D Printers

Like most people, the exorbitant price tag of a Lamborghini Aventador stops them from ever owning one. Sterling Backus is no exception to this as one day while his son Xander was playing a video game, they both fell in love with the Aventador. However, the more than half a million USD price tag instantly crushed their dreams of owning one – at first.

With a background in physics and engineering, he decided if he couldn’t buy an Aventador, he would build one using three 3D printers.

Using 3D models already available online, Backus modified the drawings using SolidWorks to get them ready for the printers.

It has taken the duo a year and four months to get to where they are now with the build using the different printers for various exterior and interior pieces depending on the structural support needed.

The end goal for the 3D printed Aventador is to make it a driver (although one would assume the 6.5-liter V12 engine wont be used), and travel to car shows and local schools to try and encourage kids to enter the STEM fields when they grow older.

If you’re feeling up to building your own 3D printed car, the cost of the printers were around $20,000 USD – a bargain when you factor in the cost of an actual Aventador. If you factor the man hours spent building the car though..

Regardless, Backus says he would do it all over again. as an exercise in spending time with his son, and a way to encourage kids, the 3D printed Aventador is one hell of a cool project.