Author: Jack
POSTED ON 09 Jul 2019

Volkswagen I.D.R Sets Yet Another Record

It was first designed to conquer the Pike Peak Hill Climb challenge – and did so with ease. After breaking the record, the I.D.R set it’s sites on breaking the Nurburgring EV record. The aerodynamic were reworked to take advantage of the many long straight sections the track has, and then proceeded to smash that record as well.

Volkswagen wasn’t done though as they quickly target their next challenge – conquering the fable Goodwood Hillclimb record. It should come as a surprise that the ID.R not only smashed the EV record, but broke the flat Hillclimb record.

With Romain Dumas behind the wheel, the same man responsible for breaking the Pike’s Peak record, the I.D.R climb the hill in 39.9 seconds. The previous record of 41.6 seconds was set 20 years ago using a McLaren MP4/13 Formula One car.

What’s next for the I.D.R?