Author: Jack
POSTED ON 04 Aug 2019

Tesla’s Free Unlimited Supercharging Is Back

Perhaps in a move to try and persuade buyers to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S or Model X instead of the lower end Model 3, Tesla has once again brought back the free lifetime Supercharging.

As of now, this would only apply to those who order the flagship products brand new. When you began to think about how the market is starting to become flooded with more high-range electric vehicles, it makes perfect sense for Tesla to bring back the incentive. It also makes sense that Tesla would only offer the incentive to those who buy the Model S or Model X, and not the Model 3 as sales of the Model S have dwindled (thanks in part to the Model 3).

Tesla’s Supercharging network has continued to grow and is far ahead of the curve when compared to it’s competitors. Thus if someone is thinking about making the switch from petrol to electric power, having a high-speed, dependable, and free charging situation does make Tesla the more¬†enticing option.