Author: Jack
POSTED ON 07 Aug 2019

Japan Successful Tests Flying Car

It may have only hovered in the air for no longer than a minute, but the electronics firm NEC successfully launched their rendition of a flying car. The two demonstrations took place inside a giant cage in front of spectators wearing safety helmets just in case things didn’t go as planned.

Wanting to be the leader in flying cars, the Japanese government has pushed to have people using flying cars by 2030s, and has OK the construction of a massive test facility in the area deviated by the 2011 Earthquake and nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

The aim behind the flying car is to be better and more efficient than helicopters, provide unmanned deliveries, and have the option to provide disaster relief. Though 2030s is all a ways away, battery life, regulations, and safety concerns all need to be addressed before you ever see one hovering over your neighborhood.