Author: Jack
POSTED ON 11 Aug 2019

The Financial Woes Of Aston Martin

With the chaos and uncertainty of Brexit causing many manufactures, both British and foreign, to evaluate their future plans on remaining in the UK, Aston Martin had planed on selling the design rights and factory tooling for the second-generation Vanquish to an unknown party to earn a bit of cushion money. The deal also included a year and a half of technical support.

For unknown reasons though, that deal has all but fell by the waist side. This means that the money Aston Martin was expecting to generate from the deal since last year, around $23.1 million USD, had gone up in smoke.

To make matters worse, Najeeb AlHumaidhi, a non-executive director at Aston Martin Lagonda, completed a second mass share sell-off. The shares sold off valued more than $32 million USD. Including the recent sell of shares, Al Humaidhi has offloaded around $100 million USD in just five weeks. This kind of sell-off is the last thing potential investors want to see when investing millions into a company.

Aston Martin has struggled to retain investors confidence in the past, but unless Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s current CEO, can think of a way to turn things around (especially before Brexit), then things will truly start to look bleak.