Author: Jack
POSTED ON 11 Aug 2019

The First C8 Crash On Public Roads

Until all the cars on the road are hooked up to some sort of autonomous system that doesn’t allow for accidents to happen, crashes will remain pretty much inevitable in day to day life. When they happen to a brand new cars though, especially ones that just debut to the public officially less than a month ago like the 2020 C8 Corvette, that accident is bound to make headlines.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was seriously injured in the three car accident. The Corvette was traveling in a caravan of C8s and a few GM vehicles somewhere near Yoesmite in California. Based on other posts, the C8 clipped the rear end of the white SUV while coming around a blind corner.

As it stands, details on who was at fault aren’t currently available, but one can assume that someone was either cutting the corner a bit too much in attempts to stay as far away from the cliff edge as possible (the SUV),  or someone came in a bit too hot and passed into the oncoming traffic lane (the C8).