Author: Jack
POSTED ON 13 Aug 2019

Wanted Your 2020 Toyota Supra To Come With A Manual Transmission? Now You Can

If you are like many of the enthusiast out there that bemoan the fact that the A90 Supra does not come with the option to spec a manual transmission, your wishes may have just come true – for a cost.

A tuning shop based in Texas is taking up the call to take out the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, and replace it with a good old fashioned manual gearbox. European Auto Group has also been working on putting in a gated shifter into the Ferrari 458 Italia.

According to the company, they will use all BMW-sourced parts to ensure the transmission plays well with the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine. The cost for all of this greatness you ask? An additional $12,000 USD on top of the cost of your Supra.

That’s $62,000 USD for a basic spec manual A90 Supra. At that price point one has to ask – is it really worth it?