Author: Jack
POSTED ON 19 Aug 2019

Highly Anticipated Type 64 By Porsche Fails To Sell At Auction

With only three ever being built, the hype around the Type 64 hitting the prestigious RM Sotheby’s Auction was very, very, real.

Even Top Gear’s Chris Harris did an excellent tribute piece on the Type 64, going in great detail how it came to be, and even though it might not be technically the first Porsche ever sold, all modern Porsche owe their existence to the Type 64. Bids on the Type 64 were expected to reach 20 million, however when the car rolled on to the auction block, all hell broke loose (in the most elegant of matters of course).

The auctioneer started the bid at thirteen million dollars, but the giant screen behind him flashed thirty million – I think you can see how this is going to end.

After a few bids, the price was at seventy million – making it the most expensive car sold ever. Sensing the confusion in the air, the auctioneer announced that a mistake had been made in regards to the large screen and the current bid was seventeen million – not seventy.

Although the confusion was cleared up, the mistakes clearly put the bidders off as they were wondering if the whole thing was a joke or not. The final bid placed on the Type 64 was $17 million USD – a far cry off the expected $20 million USD. To add to the anticlimactic conclusion, the Type 64 ended up not going into a new private collection as the bidding reserve was not met.