Author: Jack
POSTED ON 20 Aug 2019

170 Cars Perform Gigantic Synchronized Burnout

Who doesn’t love a good burnout? The thunderous roar of engines bouncing off of their rev limiters. Tires screaming in agony. The smell of burning rubber. A proper burnout is a sensor orgasm to the car enthusiast – so what happens when you gather over 100 enthusiasts together to perform one massive burnout?

It would look something like this. At an event inside of Bandimere Speedway, 170 cars were lined up with the sole purpose of eviscerating their rear tires in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of largest simultaneous car burnout (126 cars).

As it stands, the attempt is unofficial, but if everything checks out ( one legger burnouts don’t count), then they have successfully taken the crown from Australia.