Author: Jack
POSTED ON 21 Aug 2019

How To Give Fast Pacenotes Of The Nurburging – While Being Blindfolded

They say the best way to master something is through repetition.  Misha Charoudin, a Nurburgring vlogger, has spent the last five years of his life at ‘The Green Hell’ racing and teaching others the killer lines as a track instructor.

By doing so, he estimates that he accumulates roughly 1000 laps around the circuit and probably knows the track inside and out – which got him thinking. If he knew the track so well, would it be possible for him to navigate around the track blindfolded?

In fear that might be a tad bit ambitious, Charoudin decided that giving pacenotes  while being blindfolded to driver Andy Gülden at speed would be the next best thing. The degree in how accurate Charoudin is – calling out reference points like marker boards, bits of graffiti, and sections of Armco barrier – is simply amazing.