Author: Jack
POSTED ON 21 Aug 2019

Is The 2020 Supra Making A Star Appearance In The Next Fast & Furious Film?

Can you believe it has been eighteen years since the release of The Fast and the Furious ? Seriously – 18 years!

For those who, for whatever absurd reason, haven’t seen the first move, the 1993 Toyota Supra driven by late Paul Walker seem to have resonated with American audiences the most. Now that Toyota has brought back the fable nameplate for 2020, it appears that it will be making a special appearance in the upcoming Fast 9.

Images posted on Instagram by _pw40 revealed multiple orange Supras (yes, the exact same orange color as in Brian O’Conners first Supra) being unloaded from a car hauler and being dragged all over the place by some sort of armored military vehicle (because why wouldn’t it be?) in Tbilisi, Georgia.

One has to wonder if the directors are attempting to bring back O’Conner’s character to the limelight – or are the orange Supras hinting at something else to come. Guess we will have to wait till May 22, 2020 to find out.