Author: Jack
POSTED ON 23 Aug 2019

“The New Volkswagen” : Revamping The Brand With A New Logo

Similar to how Lotus decided to redesign its iconic logo, Volkswagen has announced it is going to reveal a new logo design at the Frankfurt motor show and will coincide with the launch of the new ID 3 electric hatchback. The new motto – simply called the New Volkswagen – is Volkswagen way to change the brand image to one that appears “significantly younger, more digital and more modern.” I’m sure trying to distance its self from the Dieselgate scandal is an added bonus as well.

The new logo will feature a more minimalist, 2D design that is “bolder and more colorful”, and come with a new typeface. After the roll out ceremony, which will be held ad Volkswagen’s HQ in Wolfsburg, the company plans on replacing more than 70,000 logos at more than 10,000 facilities across the globe.

Make sure to see the big reveal next month during the motor show.