Author: Jack
POSTED ON 24 Aug 2019

The Reason Why The New Supra – Or Any Toyota Vehicle – Can’t Be Found In Most Racing Games

With the trailer and vehicle list from the upcoming Need for Speed – Heat  dropping earlier this week, the reaction has been largely positive.

A quick scroll through the vehicle list however reveals that the brand new A90 Toyota Supra is no where to be found. In fact, none of Toyota’s vehicles could be found on the list. This upset a few fans which resulted in a small Twitter beef (because everything has to happen on Twitter now and days) between them and Toyota UK.

One tweet read that it was a missed opportunity by Toyota to not have the new Supra in the video game. Toyota UK replied back stating that you could find their cars in GT Sports since it doesn’t promote illegal street racing – which NFS clapped back calling them nerds…

Insults aside, a little digging reveals that Toyota UK’s reasoning was a bit off. Toyota was clearly absent in the 2017’s Forza Motorsports 7 which featured closed- circuits only, and yet it appears the 2020 Supra will play a part in the Fast & Furious 9 – which takes street racing to a whole different level.

So what’s the real reason? In a series of tweets, Toyota UK backtracked on its first message and stated that “Officially, Toyota Motor Corporation has no concrete plans to license its model range to any other game besides Grand Turismo Sport at the moment.”

Not really sure why a twitter spat had to happen for them to say something as simple as this but there you go. The real reason is due to a license exclusivity agreement between Toyota and Sony’s Grand Turismo Sport.