Author: Jack
POSTED ON 27 Aug 2019

Colorado Joins California In State Mandates Of EVs

The Zero-Emissions-Vehicle is a new mandate created by the State of California that requires automakers to offer more EV in their starting lineup if they wish to sell to Californians.

It is a stark contrast to the wishes of the Trump Administration that is actually pushing to roll back fuel emissions and regulations. Regardless of what the administration is pushing for, 11 other states, with Colorado being the most recent, have implemented the ZEV mandate. What this means for manufacturers, many of which who prefer to be under one regulatory system versus two different ones and thus have agreed on the ZEV, would have to have at least 5% of their lineup comprised of either fully electric or plug in hybrids by 2023, and 6% by 2025.

Colorado’s rule would be a somewhat stricture interpretation of the ZEV as California still leaves some flexibility for manufacturers. Manufactures can store EV credits that they sell now before the mandate goes into effect, or buy credits from other manufacturers that exceed the mandate (looking over at you again Tesla).

As the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division’s director, Garry Kaufman, stated earlier this week, “It’s a modest proposal in the face of a critical threat. Where the federal government refuses to act, states must lead.”