Author: Jack
POSTED ON 27 Aug 2019

Corvette Fans Teaming Up To Combat Dealer Markups

They say team work makes the dream work – in this case the dream is buying the highly anticipated mid-engined 2020 Corvette. The team in this analogy are the enthusiasts of the CorvetteFourms that are keeping track of what dealerships are keeping their promise of selling the C8 Corvette at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $59,995 USD, and those that are not.

This golden list includes 56 high volume Corvette dealerships across the country that are ranked by the number of C7 they have sold to date. In a simplistic matter, if the dealership has a “yes” marked by it, that means they have publicly announced that they will sell their C8s at MSRP. A “no” or “?” means you can expect a markup of some sort or they haven’t made any commitments yet thus use at your own risk.

Dealership markups will always be a thing, especially when it comes to highly anticipated vehicles, but it’s good to see how a community can come together to try and help each other out and reward those willing not to take advantage of a hot item.