Author: Jack
POSTED ON 28 Aug 2019

There’s Black, And Then There Is Vantablack VBx2 Black

No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Nor is this image a 2D ish rendering. What it is though is a 2020 BMW X6 that has been covered in the world’s blackest color.

The idea originally came up when BMW wanted to create a new idea of concealing the vehicle’s styling cues without restoring to the traditional camouflage or fake paneling. Partnered with Surrey Nano Systems and Levitation 29, the Vantablack VBx2 paint is comprised of billions and billions of nanotubes that absorb light like a black hole.

It’s so effective at this that the company claims it can absorbs 99% of light – giving the vehicle (at least in images) the 2D rendering look.

The blackest vehicle on Earth will appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.