Author: Jack
POSTED ON 29 Aug 2019

The Fastest Women On Four Wheels, Jessi Combs, Passes Away Chasing A Dream

A successful off-roader, custom fabricator, and making several appearances on TV and hosting a few shows, Jessi Combs was a shining example for women across the world keen on getting into the automotive industry as a driver, or custom fabricator.

Combs earned the title of The fastest women on four wheels back in 2013 when she piloted a 52,000 hp F-104 jet reconfigured for land speed racing to a top speed of 393 mph. In 2016 she broke her own record by going 440 mph, but due to mechanical failure meant that she couldn’t make the second pass required for an official land speed record.

This time at the dry lake bed in Oregon’s Alvord Desert, Combs attempted once again to break her record using the same F-104 jet. Sadly, something went wrong, causing the jet to crash, killing Combs in the process. Her presence in the automotive world will surely be missed